Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

DLC...a world within itself..... challenging, creative, inspiring, sweet, a bit sour, with a lovely juicy center. Heaven in a bite! In the course of one small semester I have grown so much that even upon writing this blog entry am I shocked! From one tiny seed did I sprout blossoms! What surprises me the most is that I still have a lot more growth ahead. I feel ready to go out and start my life....yet... I want to savor the moments of now... those that I hold dearest. There is so much to learn in such a short period of time! I feel.....inspired and simply honored to be a part of the DLC team! I am bursting with newly attained confidence, maturity , and a love for working with my fellow students! I am most proud of my Lorax and my Stephen Crane as they were my most inspirational and my most rewarding projects. Both were challenging and took a large amount of my time and dedication to reach the finish line. When I thought it was impossible I figured out ways to make it possible! What I find challenging is reflecting on myself and public speaking as I’m usually at a loss of words and I’m deathly afraid of scrutiny. To be in the spotlight is my dream yet I’m afraid to be put in the spotlight if that makes any sense.... My favorite project was my part in the Stephen Crane video! It was fun and challenging to compile a whole bunch of clips to post to music! Next quarter I hope that will continue to progress and gain new knowledge! I want to be the best me that I can be! I hope to improve my friendships and make new ones too! I want to be more attentive and make my final products better then ever!